Herbal Essences’ dumpcupid.com


The remarkably low budget campaign was one of P&G’s earliest digitally-based initiatives and proved to be hugely successful. During its 7-week run, it gathered millions of views, tripled the traffic to the Herbal Essence site, and put the brand into the mind of millions of new costumers. To this date, “dumpcupid.com” was the highest entered sweepstakes in P&G history.


Leverage the empowering feeling of having “luscious hair” and own Valentine’s day –one of the most important days on the female calendar.


With hair this beautiful women can take their love life into their own hands.


Start a “movement” and drive women to a website where they can learn more about Herbal Essences.

web Episondes

Series of videos to drive traffic to the dumpcupid.com microsite.


The Website

Women can learn all about being luscious, tell their VDay stories, send “lusciousisms” to deserving friends and – ultimately – win a $25,000 shopping spree!


An arrow hits Times Squares.on Valentine’s day



Program launched on Dec. 31st 2006. By the time the program ended on February 17th, 2007 total sessions on dumpcupid.com reached 1.5MM with the average consumer spending over 4 minutes on the site.

Notably, traffic to the Herbal Essences main site more than tripled following the launch of the dumpcupid program—without any decrease in time spent on the site—driven primarily by users who have first visited dumcupid.com.

Over 337,000 consumers opted-in to receive emails from Herbal Essences - a 246% increase from previous database size.

Sweepstakes entries totaled 985,000 making the Dumpcupid contest one of the highest entered sweepstakes at P&G.

During the 7 week program, the 3 viral webisodes had over 13,000,000 combined views. Don’t forget that this is 2007.