Dawn saves wildlife

For over 40 years, Dawn’s been cleaning more than dishes as the choice cleanser for animal rescue workers aiding animals after an oil spill. While Dawn is everyone’s favorite dish soap thanks to its grease-fighting power, it’s also the ultimate secret weapon for helping saving wildlife. Since 1978 Dawn has been an essential part of rescuing and releasing more than 75,000 wild animals affected by oil pollution. Dawn is celebrating this 40-year milestone with a new campaign featuring the very animals that Dawn helps rescue.




We teamed up with PR agency Citizen to honor those birds and marine mammals with a 3D exhibit that soared along the walls of New York City’s Vanderbilt Hall in Grand Central Station to visually tell the story of Dawn’s Wildlife legacy over the past 40 years.


Dawn’s Dual-Messaging Approach

Dawn runs its cause marketing commercials in tandem with value-related advertising. Click here